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Many South African Jews who have emigrated retain strong ties with the Chev and offer valuable support to local Jewish welfare here in their country of origin. Though far away they remain close. Their currencies stretch further in SA and we are extremely grateful for the much-needed assistance we receive from warm and caring ex-pats. There are several channels through which donations can be facilitated. 

Account Name: Johannesburg Jewish Helping Hand/ JJHH – MAIN
Bank: Standard Bank JHB | Branch Code: 000 205 I Account Number: 000 154 253 | Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ
Use your full name and surname as a reference & kindly notify us at

*Please note there is no IBAN in South Africa*

Donations from the USA can be facilitated through CHAISOUTHAFRICA

Donations from the UK and Europe can be made to EURO CHAI SOUTH AFRICA. The trustees of Euro Chai can be requested to consider making a corresponding donation to the Chev

Donations from Canada can be channelled though CAFSACK

Donations from Australia can be channelled through The Chai Foundation

Donations from the UK and Europe can be made to ACHISOMACH Aid Company

ChaiSouthAfrica is a successful fundraising initiative founded in 2000 by a few remarkable ex-South Africans living in San Diego, California. They have since raised millions of Rands from donors throughout the USA and Canada. This effort supports Jewish Residential Homes in Southern Africa for the aged, intellectually and physically disabled, mentally ill, and children in need. Many donors feel a deep sense of gratitude to the country that provided them with so much opportunity and are pleased to support those who remain behind. ChaiSouthAfrica provides constant and generous support honoring the Chev’s work in caring for our people in Sandringham Gardens, Our Parents Home, Arcadia, Selwyn Segal and Sandringham Lodge. ChaiSouthAfrica is a fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego (JCF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, recognized by the IRS as a public charity. Contributions to ChaiSouthAfrica are tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law.

The Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego
4950 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92123

By opening an account with Achisomach you can donate directly to charities all over the world, with all the features you’d expect from a bank – regular statements, online access, online charity donations, interactive queries on your account, low balance messages by SMS or email, and a helpline that’s second-to-none. Achisomach manages virtually all the paperwork of your charitable affairs. They offer a very personal service for queries or even information about a charity.

EURO CHAI SOUTH AFRICA is a London-based charity that raises funds for a variety of South African Jewish charities that face an ageing population and a diminished pool of resources to maintain the very necessary support they provide. The changing economic and social structure of South African society has left in its wake an increasing number of Jewish families who are dependent on welfare. The needs of these charities grow continuously. Sustaining South African charitable causes has become more difficult for the local community over time and the expatriate community can make a real difference.

CAFSACK (Canadian Friends of SA Chevrah Kadisha) is committed to raising money for South African charities supported by the South African Chevrah Kadisha. The shrinking of the South African Jewish Community has left many institutions in a precarious situation including the Chev which provides services to many in need within the Jewish community. CAFSACK was founded by ex-South African Jews living in Canada to provide financial aid for their brethren in South Africa.

Contact Julian Lebowitz on or 416-564-5550


The Chai Charitable Foundation Ltd (ABN: 82 617 023 293) is non-profit community charity. In Australia we are a registered tax deductible charity (DGR) with a focus on alleviating poverty, distress, suffering and sickness.

Chai’s main aim is to provide practical financial assistance to low income families & individuals in Australia and overseas. Particularly single income families and families with a member suffering from an illness or disability. We provide low cost food and essentials Australia.

We can also provide advice to individuals requiring help in fundraising for a cause which falls within the scope of our mission.

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